Hello I'm Stori! 

When I'm not busy being a wife, boy mom, teacher to my son, or cuddling my black lab, I spend my time working very hard and putting my heart and soul into running this business. 


A little about me....

I was totally born in the wrong era.

I love old music, thrift shopping, iced coffee made at home, pop punk bands before they sold out, morning light that comes through the window, and baggy black sweaters. I have a strong relationship with God and He is so good to me. I'm super introverted by choice but I have big personality. Kind and passionate people are my jam and I just like to be surrounded by wholesome people.


I started taking pictures 17 years ago and I know in my heart that my love for Photography will never end. I am fully dedicated to what I do and I'm constantly inspired to document real stories. My passion grows with each session and I'm always excited to get home and edit.


My style of shooting is very relaxed and full of happy and fun vibes. You will never have to feel uncomfortable or have to know what to do. Your session will have lots of candid movement and moments with helpful direction from me. Bring me your wild and crazy and let me work some magic!


I truly hope you choose me as your Photographer because you think I'm the best fit to document your moments.

Thank you!