Hi, I'm Stori!

Wife, boy mom, homeschool fam, sunset lover, & always caffeinated.

Being a family photographer means so many things to me but I truly take pride in making people feel cared for and comfortable. Whether your family is quiet or your household is full of wild and silly kids, I am always going to help make you feel like you can be yourselves.

Wild, shy, silly, energetic, etc. My goal will always be to capture your family just how you are.

My favorite part about being a photographer is watching everyone's families grow and getting to be a small part of that growth. I love coming home, culling a session, and reliving each little moment. I love being able to bond and hear your stories.

I first picked up a camera at age 14 and just never looked back. It was an instantaneous kind of love. It very quickly became a massive part of who I am. Becoming a mother is when I truly found my calling for capturing families. I was watching my son grow and change right before my eyes and knew I needed to preserve that. Even now, my husband and I spend some nights looking back on old photos of us and our son. Time goes by so fast.

I am married to my best friend, my biggest supporter, and the hardest working man I know. We've been together for what feels like a lifetime already but we're about to hit our 17 year mark. That is crazy! We are blessed enough to have an incredibly smart and handsome brown eyed 10 year old boy. Our son was born at 28 weeks and his strength and God's grace and love has made us into the family that we are today. My husband has given over half of his life to our country but retires THIS YEAR! We are so ready for what the future holds.

When I'm not busy being a wife, mom, and business owner, I'm most likely homeschooling, at the gym, or cleaning something. I am huge sucker for midwest emo bands, baggy black sweaters, and driving around with my music as loud as it gets. I am nature obsessed and find that it inspires me and makes me feel at ease more than anything else.

I'd be more than honored to capture your family but I truly hope you choose me as your photographer because you feel like we'll be a good fit.

I know we'd have a blast together!

Thank you so much for being here!